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ANYCRATE tries to make local multiplayer on mobile devices comfortable and enjoyable. Each player can JUMP and SHOOT and each of them has to use these abilities and be tactical in order to hit the opponent and become the king of games universe. Diffe...

Gravity Mess

Interest games

Gravity Mess v1.0.2

You are an astronaut. Failure in your hibernation pod suddenly awakes you. You cant remember how you got there, but you have a strong feeling that it was really important. Your crew is not around, if you even had one. There is nobody to talk to....


Interest games


If you had play the Dont Stop Eighth Note sound control game and No Humanity already, dont missed out this game alsoDodge Them All is another weird design and fun 2D action platformer games...

Stickman Raider Swing

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Stickman Raider Swing v1.1

Endless Stickman - Raider Swing is an addictive swinging game with a retro-style touch. It is a cool free game for everyone who wants to challenge their accuracy and reflex. Unleash a rope to help a character swing forward while dodging deadly blocks...

Presidential Helicopter

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Presidential Helicopter v1.2

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN BY BECOMING THE PRESIDENTFollow the American dream and become the president! Everybody can be the most powerful man or woman in the world now by just playing this game. Dye your hair blonde, comb it backwards and there you ar...

Outer Space

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Outer Space v1.0

About: Our intrepid alien explorer is lost in space! Help the friendly alien Blorp get back to his ship! While out for a space-walk, Blorp’s tether snapped – leaving him adrift in space! Help Blorp get back to his ship by drawing clever lines in this...

Bacon Run

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Bacon Run v1.0.18

Are you ready to protect your little friend, Piggy, from the Sheriff, the Butcher and other enemies? Run away from them and customize your character (and Piggy too!) to get more in game advantages. Collect coins and take a shot in the Piñata Contest....

Cute Dragons: Exotic Squash

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Cute Dragons: Exotic Squash v1.9.1

There’s no candies, cakes or cookies in this game! Just a colorful mix of healthy and mellow fruits! Swap and squash hundreds of citruses through a world full of challenging levels. Create powerful combos with the help of tiny chameleons and gleaming...

Master Of Grab

Interest games

Master Of Grab v1.10

Did you want to use grab like Madlife or Mata or Masters of Blitzcrank?Did you want practice grab but other people doesnt like that?...

Zombie Land

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Zombie Land v1.3

Once upon a time, when everything was goodFarmer Bob went into the woods to gather firewood.When he came back, he realized that something was not right,a group of undead was looking for a fight....

Dark Reindeer

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Dark Reindeer v1.1

Dark Reindeer is retro style TAP GAMEFollow the little santa, and adventure with Dark RenindeerDrop the Gift, gathering hearts, and make new special followers!Remember...

Uphill Rush

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Uphill Rush v0.112.0

Get ready for some extreme waterslide action in the world’s craziest water park simulator! Survive as long as you can as you perform crazy stunts and blast through everything in your path! Whizz and bounce through rollercoaster-style corkscrews, loop...

Stealth hardcore action

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Stealth hardcore action v1.0.4

Stealth - is your second name. The game in which you need to think here and now. Each delay can cost you a level failure. Only meaningful actions, quick and sharp movements will help you to get to the end of the level. Hide or eliminate enemies using...


Interest games

Starlost v1.0.7

Starlost is a top-down space action adventure game, mixing tower defense, bullet hell, and classic RPG elements with gorgeous 3D graphics. ...

Toss & Shuffle

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Toss & Shuffle v1.0

Do you like matching games as well as tossing games and looking for a new twist to both genres? Then this game is for you! Toss Shuffle is an original physics-driven color matching game that introduces a new dimension of interactivity to the genre. ...

Dave the Knight

Interest games

Dave the Knight v1.0.0

Dave the Knight is a retro action hack and slash RPG game that puts the player to be a ave knight and evil hunter, exploring random dungeons...

My Dream Fish Tank

Interest games

My Dream Fish Tank v1.0.1

Are you a fish enthusiast? Come and prove to be a great fish keeper in this AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL game! Breed different fish types and discover all of them! Keep your fish tank clean and nice and be REWARDED for it! Pet your fishies and keep them wel...

Animal Friends Rush

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Animal Friends Rush v1.0.4

.Fun mobile kart racing game..Rush! Rush! Rush onward!.Play with cuddly animal friends! Compete with cute monster friends on fancy karts!.Challenge your cute monster friends for a zappy race and rush your karts along various tracks!.4 animal friends ...

Kids Bicycle Rider Street Race

Interest games

Kids Bicycle Rider Street Race v1.1

Motorcycle racing simulator are too old to amaze adrenaline junkies.we ing a new addition to Bicycle racing games which are always fun for BMX riders giving electric vibe to adventure seeker kids.Let’s take you on another journey in bicycle rider rac...

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