Android stand-alone games

Arab Village Parking King

Interest games

Arab Village Parking King v2.2

Arab Village Parking King 3DEnter Exit Car SystemThe best 3D platform GooglePlay parking Recreational exciting games,Arab Village Parking King 3D is the first game character into the parking game]Let Arab Village Parking King 3Dmore vivid,If you are ...

Cartoon Survival

Interest games

Cartoon Survival v1.06

What would you do with a crafted pick axe, an axe, and a weapon in Cartoon Survival? Adventure!Gather materials, craft, fight, and become the worlds best Cartoon Survivor and Adventurer!Craft your cartoon hero from a noob to a legendary warrior who w...

Animal Rain

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Animal Rain v1.0.3

Holy plant! My lovely LemonWater lady was kidnapped last night!!!Every plant in the village was boiling up and gathered together.My elder AngryRad pointed out the kidnapping must be relative to those chickens on that hill. (though I dont think so...)...

Ice Queens Beauty SPA Salon

Simulation games

Ice Queens Beauty SPA Salon v1.0.7.0

The princess is lonely up in her cold ice castle. No girl friends, no one to talk to, just big piles of snow that stretch out across the kingdom. What can you do to help the princess feel better? Give her a makeover, of course! Frozen Queen: Beauty S...

Bacon May Die

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Bacon May Die v1.0.6

Fast-paced fighting game, where you have to tap your screen, use swipes and touch holds to destroy hordes of zombies looking forward to devouring your delicious ain. From the creator of Iron Snout!...

Octopus Simulator:Sea Monster

Simulation games

Octopus Simulator:Sea Monster v1.0

Welcome to the underwater world! Become the most interesting creature of the ocean land – octopus! Explore beautiful surroundings filled with different aquatic plants, fish and cruel predators! Check our Octopus Simulator: Sea Monster and have fun!...

Stickman lift 2

Interest games

Stickman lift 2 v1.0.1

You are stuck in the elevator. Your task is to open the suitcase and use the right items to escape from the elevator. Objects are different, there are those that will lead you to death, but there are those that will save your life. Be careful and tur...

Monster Hotel

Interest games

Monster Hotel v1.5.0

Find a room for these scary but adorable monsters. Build your hotel and make sure your monsters have everything they want. Or else... BUILD a classy hotel to encourage your guests to come and stay! Will it be the tallest tower of an underground bunke...

Bella Fashion Design

Interest games

Bella Fashion Design v1.2

Discover the wonderful world of fashion in the new Bella Design game. Create a chain of fashion boutiques and make your mark in this wonderful business. There will be exquisite accessories, elegant dresses and luxurious jewelry. And your boutiques wi...

Fairy Craft

Interest games

Fairy Craft v1.9.6

An ancient evil has awakened. Villagers in danger. Thick Southern Forest comes alive at night, destroying the villagers. Only you can help the people in this difficult moment. PS: The next part of the game will have: Heroine and Year Cycle!...

Crashy Cats

Interest games

Crashy Cats v1.04

Crash your way through rooms, making a mess and destroying priceless collectibles and expensive electronics.Crashy Cats is a cat rampage runner where you run, jump, bounce and fly your way through endless levels, knocking over as much stuff as possib...

One Tap Boxing

Interest games

One Tap Boxing v1.0

Fight against the toughest opponents, timing your punches and dodges perfectly to knock them down! Only the best of the best will make it through this ultimate boxing challenge and become a prize fighter!...

Wild Eagle Sim

Simulation games

Wild Eagle Sim v1.0

The most advanced and epic Eagle Simulator game has arrived! Join the battle in this super epic adventure delivered in stunning 3D. Now you can play as real Wild Eagle and be the most powerful animal in the forest. Start your own family of eagles, fi...


Shooting games

Missileman v1.0.3

Missileman is a high-speed, vertically scrolling 2D shooter. You are a man on a missile! Shoot enemies down with missiles. Earn EXP and upgrade your missile. Can you beat all 16 stages across four Zones to ultimately defeat The Eye?Dodge walls and ob...

Epic Battle:War of Kings

Simulation games

Epic Battle:War of Kings v1.2

Fan of EPIC BATTLE fantasy!!Now Conquer the virtual world with your mind by making strategies of troops attack and defend in this ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2017. Virtual world war is taking place and your kingdom depicts the true picture of bloo...

Run Run Roy

Interest games

Run Run Roy v1.0

Welcome to Run Run Roy™!Blazing Fast Acrobatic Arcade Monkey Action (and more descriptors too!)....

Lose Weight

Interest games

Lose Weight v1.0.2

Do you like taking on the hardest games ever to constantly push your skills to the edge? Do you like to be a professional fitness trainer and help people to lose fat? If your answer is yes, then Lose Weight is just the perfect game for your right now...

Sea Monster Megalodon Attack

Interest games

Sea Monster Megalodon Attack v1.0

Be a dangerous long-extinct predator – giant Mosasaurus! Feel like a real ancient beast – hunt fish and crabs, fight sharks and other males of your kind, mate with females, raise up nestlings and have fun with our Sea Monster Megalodon Attack game!...


Puzzle games

Deimos v1.1

Deimos will take you on a journey of adventure beautiful, try to avoid obstacles that come in your way,Be careful as you switch courses as the obstacles are coming toward you....

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