Adventure android stand-alone games

MAX Magilika

Adventure games

MAX Magilika v2.4.1

The Master of Shadows is back again! This time he attacked the world of Magilika and stole the Moon Crystal. Without it the world will be plunged in darkness. The Star Sorceress asks Puddle Pop and his friends for help to save the world.An exciting j...

Red Comrades Save the Galaxy

Adventure games

Red Comrades Save the Galaxy v1.9

Please pay attention! This game requires 1 GB RAM and 2 GB free HDD space.Red Comrades Save the Galaxy is an updated version of one of the best Russian comic adventure games, it was released back in 1998 and earned a truly nationwide love! The update...

Bridge: The Others

Adventure games

Bridge: The Others v1.0.0

Pay once, play forever! No in-app purchases!Ever since you saved your adopted other, Jace, from a powerful witch, you two have devoted your lives to hunting her and the Others down. Can you find them and remove the curse once and for all?• CAN YOU FI...

Her Story

Adventure games

Her Story v1.2.4

Her Story is the critically acclaimed mystery game from Sam Barlow. Playing like an interactive true crime documentary, the game lets you go hands on with a police database full of live action video footage. It stars Viva Seifert, actress and one hal...

Princess Isabella

Adventure games

Princess Isabella v1.1

FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF ENIGMATIS AND GRIM LEGENDS!Explore the realm of magic and dragons! Free your mother from the clutches of an evil witch and discover the secrets of your heritage.BUY ONCE - ENJOY ENDLE...


Adventure games

Shadowgate v1.0.6423

- COMPATIBLE WITH a tablet or VERY LARGE screen phone with 1.2GHz quad core Processor 1GB of ram (2014 Models or Newer)- COMPATIBLE WITH Kindle Fire HDX 7 (2013) OR NEWER- SOME Samsung Galaxy tabs (3 and 4 for example) have the proper specs but wont...

Myths of Orion

Adventure games

Myths of Orion v1.0.0

Recover three powerful books and return peace and prosperity to the Realm of Orion! The whole world is at stake, as the minions of an evil wizard are doing their best to deliver the Books of Knowledge, Law and Magic to their master. Help young enchan...

Stone Age Snap VR

Adventure games

Stone Age Snap VR v1.0

Take a Virtual Reality tour through this prehistoric jungle. Dont get trampled by the Mammoth! Save your best shots of each creature! Keep your eye out for gators, sabertooth lynxes and more! Can you can find them all?...

Discovery VR

Adventure games

Discovery VR v1.3.1

Join us on our newest adventure in virtual reality and explore the immersive world of Discovery VR. In this growing collection of dynamic 360 video experiences, you’ll find exclusive clips from behind-the-scenes of your favorite shows, heart-pounding...

Ultimate Lion Adventure 3D

Adventure games

Ultimate Lion Adventure 3D v1.2

Get Ready For A Brand New Series Of Animal Life Simulation Games From Tapinator.Play Ultimate Lion Adventure 3D and dominate the forest world as a real Lion. Live the life of jungle king. Explore the carefully designed huge 3D jungle environment and ...

Dungelot Shattered Lands

Adventure games

Dungelot Shattered Lands v1.371

Dungelot: Shattered Lands takes you on an epic roguelike dungeon-crawler adventure to defeat zombie cows, splat giant evil mushrooms, and generally get back home in one piece. Deceptively simple, ever so addictive.Three worlds to explore with endless...


Adventure games


In childfood, we played walk only in the shadows game. This game is inspired from such a nostalgic feeling.Kageboshi was born in the shadow. And what will it find out in the adventure?This is a game that you can play for free....


Adventure games

Caterzillar v1.0

Join Bob the caterpillar on a fun and action packed adventure to rescue the princess and defeat the evil insects who have shattered his world! Defy gravity and stick to surfaces.Features:- 4 Gorgeously Designed Chapters- 32 Uniquely Crafted Levels- E...

War of Gold

Adventure games

War of Gold v1.1

Requirements: Cardboard and smartphone with Gyroscope.You will need 360 degree rotation to properly play this game. Standing position while playing is highly recommended.Virtual Reality (for Cardboard) demo version of 3D Maze: War of Gold game.Take a...

World of Zombies

Adventure games

World of Zombies v1.0.0.5

You control the character John who is trying to survive a post zombie apocalypse world in the Ingriville city.Ingriville is dominated by zombies. John is out of supplies and need to find new supplies to survive, but to go after supplies he discovers ...

Adventure Planet

Adventure games

Adventure Planet v1.0.4

Adventure Planet delivers the best mini-gaming experience. Master each of the 35 mini-games, conquer all 5 worlds (tropical, ice, desert, lava and space), compete with friends and unlock the ultimate secrets of a planet imming with adventure!The game...

Hills Legend

Adventure games

Hills Legend v1.4

According to the legend there was an underpass under one of the temples which led to the treasures. But once, during the earth-moving work the walls of the monastery were oken and it was decided to block the pass with rocks and fill it with concrete....

Wish Writer

Adventure games

Wish Writer v1.3

Have you ever written Santa a letter in candy cane swirl ink? What about decorating your wish list with sparkles that make it that much more magical? With the Macy’s Wish Writer and app, you can send Santa the most magical letter yet!Using this app w...

Relic Seeker:3D Maze

Adventure games

Relic Seeker:3D Maze v1.1.4

You are in the maze in search of the ancient relics.Your mission is to find the relics and treasures. For that mission you need to know the exit and get many tools and equipment.When you lost your way, you can get clues from the compass you can get a...

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