Adventure android stand-alone games

LEGO:DC Super Heroes

Adventure games

LEGO:DC Super Heroes v7.0.143

LEGO® DC Super HeroesForm the ultimate super hero squad with the heroes of DC Comics’ Justice League and take down evil in this three-against-three Heroes Vs Villains tag-team battle arcade game. ...

Randals Monday

Adventure games

Randals Monday v3

Randal’s Monday is a graphic adventure game, featuring a classic gameplay style and a storyline full of humor. This means that getting to watch the ending won’t be that easy. The player will have to test his skills to overcome some of the obstacles h...

Tiny Explorers

Adventure games

Tiny Explorers v0.9.46

Become a hero as you journey through the astonishing world of Tiny Explorers. Packed with action, adventure and imagination aplenty, Will you be the one to save the world?The game involves 3 main characters who start out on an exciting and mysterious...


Adventure games

Reed v1.0.1d

Reed - is a small creature, the latest creation of the old supercomputer. Old supercomputer dies, he has lost all of the cubes and he began to slow down... Without a supercomputer, around the game world will come to an end. Can you help him? Can you ...

Unknown: Matter of Time

Adventure games

Unknown: Matter of Time v1.0.0

JUMP INTO A TIME-BENDING ADVENTUREYou find yourself shipwrecked on the very island your grandfather was seeking out years ago. It’s up to you to solve the mystery of his disappearance!• UNCOVER THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR GRANDFATHER’S FATEYour grandfather ...

Phantasmat: Oakville

Adventure games

Phantasmat: Oakville v1.0

When your car eaks downs on your way to a book signing, you suddenly find yourself trapped in the tiny town of Oakville. Spooky enough as it seems at first, it gets even scarier when you meet people that, according to the flyers posted around town, h...

Magic Mansion

Adventure games

Magic Mansion v1.0

Tap to jump and avoid traps while climbing the challenging levels of the Magic Mansion, in this retro pocket-sized platform game by Nitrome and Sets And Settings. ...

iPoe Collection Vol.1

Adventure games

iPoe Collection Vol.1 v4.0.3.3

Rediscover Edgar Allan Poe as youve never imagined!- Editors Choice Award of Childrens Technology Review 2013- Best Fiction App at the Publishing Innovation Awards 2012 - Reached #1 Book in Spain, Mexico, France, Belgium, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, ...

The Dolls:Reborn

Adventure games

The Dolls:Reborn v1.1

The old doll factory was legendary. For years it turned out simple toys that children loved, but technology made a change and kids wanted things with more gadgets and the factory fell into disrepair. Most of the toys were sent away, but some had been...

Haunted Legends:The Undertaker

Adventure games

Haunted Legends:The Undertaker v1.0

It all began when a suspicious little old stranger turned up in the countryside. The local undertaker traded his family heirloom for an Amulet of Prosperity and soon afterwards a once-peaceful fishing village transformed into a nightmarish landscape ...

Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown

Adventure games

Forgotten Books: The Enchanted Crown v1.0.0

Your liarian friend wants your help as a journalist – he’s found an ancient book that is still unfinished. Can you save the world in the book before their story ends?• SAVE A MAGICAL WORLD FROM THE TERRORS OF ELDORAs you turn the pages of the ancient...

7 Nights at Pixel Pizzeria - 2

Adventure games

7 Nights at Pixel Pizzeria - 2 v1.0

Welcome to the sequel of famous horror game! Survive seven nights defending yourself against pixel robot bears, chickens, bunnies and foxes - even more frightening than in the first game! Face your nightmare working as a security guard – watch pixel ...

Delight Games

Adventure games

Delight Games v3.7

*Chapter 1 of Rogues Choice is live!*Now you can get all 32 Delight Games interactive novels unlocked with NO ads. And when a new interactive novel comes out, you get them on Premium first, unlocked! This is our flagship product!For a one-time up fro...

Jacks New Adventures

Adventure games

Jacks New Adventures v0.9.5

Labyrinths. Intricate and scarily enormous. They are crawling with malicious and ruthless enemies, and full of dangerous traps. Illusion of the shortest way is deceptive.Treasure. Gems and gold coins everywhere. Not just for decoration, you can swap ...

Super Dangerous Dungeons

Adventure games

Super Dangerous Dungeons v1.2.1

Pocket Gamer Silver AwardA super sharp-edged, but super enjoyable retro platforming challenge – Pocket Gamer, 810Super Dangerous Dungeons is just a good, solid platformer– TouchArcade, 4 starsHop into a challenging platforming adventure with the litt...

Hide and Seek:minecraft style

Adventure games

Hide and Seek:minecraft style v1.1.6

**Hide and seek treasures minecraft style** - is a new easy to master free to play* game with pixel art graphics.Go on an exciting adventure seeking for the lost friends: mine ancient tombs, hide from the ancient evil, craft tools to deal with it, se...

Mystery: Winterpoint

Adventure games

Mystery: Winterpoint v1.0.0

The Agency has sent you off on another adventure to investigate a distress call from a scientific research team in Alaska. The discovery by Professor Lloyd of an ancient species trapped in the ice has revealed a traitor in their midst. Someone wants ...

Darkest Light: Survivor

Adventure games

Darkest Light: Survivor v1.1

A boy facing all his fears must survive in one night! Thunder and lightning are his only weapons to fight his fears! Ironically, too much of this could also cost him his senses. All the monsters are inspired from his fears while growing up and they h...

Torocco de Coins

Adventure games

Torocco de Coins v1.2

Avoid the trap using swipe and tilt.Tilt the device to get the coin.When fall from the rail or hitting the trap you will be game over.[About the coin shop] You can shop at the coin shop by collecting the coins.Lets collect the coins, in order to buy ...

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