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Game description: Happy Hamster is bringing mobile action to a completely new level!
With its fast paced gameplay experience a new era of Action-Arcade games has begun!

Enjoy completely new gameplay mechanics by building platforms, collecting mighty powerups and avoiding traps!
Start a Career, master stage after stage and gather coins to buy various awesome outfits and incredible wheel parts for your hamster. You decide how awesome your hamster is going to be!
Use skillpoints to make your powerups even more powerful!
Jump higher, Slow your hamster more, Fly longer and best of all increase the PowerUp duration of your magnet, so you will pull even more food and coins towards you and destroy the evil poison!

Play Arcade-Mode to show your friends whos the boss! Share your highscores and your personal hamster with your friends on Facebook! Chose the difficulty you want to play, Easy, Medium, or even Hard. When playing Hard, you will be able to unlock Backdrops for your hamster wheel. Your friends will be jealous when they see your amazingly looking hamster on Facebook!

Game features: As a two men indie developer team form munich, bavaria we have only one mission: FUN!
We love to hear what you have to say: Tell us your ideas for improvement and let us know what you like.
We really hope you enjoy our game!

(And yes, you can buy a Lederhosn)

Happy Hamster, bringing fast paced action arcade to a new level!!!

• Career Mode: Master stage after stage
• Arcade Mode: Set up new highscores! Can you beat your friends?
• Buy amazing clothes and incredible wheels for your hamster
• Share it on Facebook, brag with your awesome looking hamster!
• Its for free!!! No pay to win!!!
  • Type: Interest Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
  • File size: 33220 KB
  • Downloads: 673
  • Updated: 2013-9-4 21:02:27

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