Stardom:The A-list  v2.1.7

Stardom:The A-list
Stardom:The A-list
Stardom:The A-list
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Game description: Can you reach the A-List? Schmooze, flirt, lie, fight – and maybe even work – your way to STARDOM!

From getting off the bus as a nobody to accepting an award as an international superstar, get rich and famous by starring in movies and TV shows and winning over fans.

- Customize your star look with the latest styles and hottest accessories!

- Hollywood in your hands – complete with exclusive clubs, upscale restaurants, movie studios and more

- Work on-set to earn a 5-star performance, rave reviews, and more fans

- Date and dump celebrities, party at the best venues, and live it up in a luxury home with your exotic pets

- Invite friends to exclusive parties, have them co-star in your projects, or check the Top 100 to see who’s more famous

Game features: data packet(95M):→Click here to download the data packet
  • Type: Simulation Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: GLU
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  • Updated: 2013-1-31 18:59:45

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    this is weird. i can't download it... ? xoxo

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