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Game description: A two-person battle game appear in the arcade in Japan in August 1987, has been a huge leap compared to the early years of "Kung Fu", which generation Street Fighter is the CAPCOM launched arcade fighting game "Street Fighter" (Street Fighter).

The two main acters of the game, Long and Ken are karate the climax , they jointly participated in the world martial arts competition, through the showdown with nine s from around the world. Long virtue of the strongest karate esoteric - liter Dragon Fist fighting regal title of Muay Thai king Sha Gaite will have knocked down, and left a long scar on his chest and win Long embarked on a challenge to stronger roads.

Many of the basic concepts of fighting games is it established, such as nirvana, light heavy, defense, stamina, and a time limit. If someone successfully use nirvana defeat an opponent, youll get a sense of indescribable pleasure. Not the first generation of "Street Fighter" no later Rounds of the entire series.
  • Type: Fighting Games
  • Language: Simplified chinese
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
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  • Downloads: 70498
  • Updated: 2012-11-30 23:11:17


  • SEJU
  • Pram bhai
    Good game
  • Sumair
    This was my childhood memory and I want to go back to play this game.
  • Ankit
    Dats my schools game nice one
  • Gdghu
    Dj tv
  • Skeli
    My favourite game played when I grew up till naw
  • Roger More 007
  • Sandy
    I love this game
  • John peter
    I like this games
  • Diggu
    I like u
  • Kader
    Très bien
  • Raka
    Raka zuhdi pratama
  • siva. deva
    I love this game. For. About. Twenty years. Just. Now. Going back. For. Below teenaged
  • Dlalamama
    I love street fighter on my mobile # yes yes yesv
  • ansari
    I like somuch thise from school time 4 clss
  • Movie mikes
    I've love this game ever since I was 12. And I am a champion.. No 1 dares to challenge me bcoz I crush them.
  • Walie
    I like this game
  • babu
    i like this game
  • Ali
    How down load thisgame?
  • Mad Mack
    The real UFC
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