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Game description: His name is Corny... Pop Corny!

His name is Corny... Pop Corny, and he loves popcorn! He has one dream, one goal, one vision... TO EAT ALL THE POP CORN IN THE WORLD!! Can you feed him enough to progress to the next level? But be careful as hunger takes over and Corny starts to black out!


- "What an amazing and captivating game with endless hours of fun! Dont miss it!"

- "Truly phenomenal game play!"

- "This is a great and addictive game!!!"

- "Very cute and addictive game. Love the polish in it."

- "Really loved the graphics and gameplay, truly original! Not to mention the salsa beat... I got stuck for hours! Keep up the excellent work guys!"

And many more around the world!


* Simple but deep one-touch/sling-like control

* Upgrade your popcorn box by completing objectives

* Multiple stages to play

* OpenFeint support with more than 40 achievements to unlock

* Collect “drachma coins” and spend them on bonus upgrades, bombs, shields, etc

* The first ever endless eater!
  • Type: Interest Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
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  • Downloads: 1156
  • Updated: 2014-9-22 18:35:57

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  • harkal
    Get it directly from Google Play! It is free!

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