Epic Battle:War of Kings  v1.2

Epic Battle:War of Kings
Epic Battle:War of Kings
Epic Battle:War of Kings
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Game description: Fan of EPIC BATTLE fantasy!!

Now Conquer the virtual world with your mind by making strategies of troops attack and defend in this ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2017. Virtual world war is taking place and your kingdom depicts the true picture of bloody battlefield. Your army needs front runner and real innovator. Its time to take control of your army and fight for the dignity and glory of your kingdom. This real epic battle simulator gives you feeling of owning an army and fighting an epic strategy battle with enemies. Winning is only option you have. Now is the time to show your leadership qualities.

Step into Battle field as leader of army and guide your troops in the warzone

The world is on fire and you have to command an entire troop hero force consisting of infantry, battleships, war tanks, turrets and mercenary and fighters with swords, shields, spears, hammers, bows, cannons, guns etc against the enemy forces. This is not like an ancient war simulator. Your soldiers are fighting with modern weapons and some soldiers who are specialized in ancient war weapons are fighting with those weapons. Fight with wise tactics and win every battle you encounter.

In this totally epic battle simulator you are provided with test battle simulator mood in which you can test your battle strategies against enemies. Best strategy gives best results. Its time to put your war instincts to conquer your enemy castles and expand your kingdom. Rise from nothing and become the greatest war lord of the virtual world.

Experience the heart-pounding, nerve-breaking of the modern combat in the palm of your hand. If you love battlefield then this game is for you. Fight like a real champion make your army the great

Features of Epic Battle: War of Kings Simulator

→ Challenging Strategical Battles
→ The best epic Battle Simulation In Action
→ Train massive armies and lead them into epic battles
→ For Strategy And War Battle Simulator Lovers
→ More Accurate The Strategy The More Chances Of Winning The Hero Battles
→ A smooth, clear, and astonishing experience
→ Build Your Army Of Battle Tanks, Sniper Shooters, Assault Rifle Soldiers and many more

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