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Skunk Simulator 3D
Skunk Simulator 3D
Skunk Simulator 3D
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Game description: Become a wild skunk – cute, beautiful but stinky American animal! Enjoy the wilderness, run across the savannah, communicate with other animals, mate with females and raise up cubs! Have fun with Skunk Simulator 3D!

Live the life of a real male or female skunk with our animal survival simulator! Behave as a real adult striped skunk – struggle against your opponents, search for food, mate with the other skunks, and take care ‘bout cubs. Fight for your life against predators – use your stinking ray and earn experience to learn even more new attacks! Also, you can use earned points to customize your squirrel and change the color of its fur – check different color schemes and try to be a hog-nosed skunk, spotted skunk (a.k.a. zorilla), hooded skunk, stink badger and others.

Explore this unfriendly north American wilderness, full of different animals – some of them could become your friends, but others are your direct rivals, or – even worse – the predators! Avoid attacks of bears, foxes and wolves, hunt cockroaches and snakes and have fun! Mind your hunger and health indicators – if one of them drops, your chances to survive would fell too. Eat plenty of food, drink enough water and collect coins and buy power-ups – it could help you to survive in the hostile world of this animal survival simulator!

Search for food, run over plains and forests, struggle herbivores and carnivores alike! Start your own wild adventure and be the real stinking sin itself with Skunk Simulator 3D!

Skunk Simulator 3D features
Ultimate wild skunk simulator – use your stench to ensure your power over these lands!
Full customization of your skunk
Hideous and aggressive predators like bear or wolf as your enemies
Ability to mate and raise up cubs
Amazing 3D graphics

Survive in the cruel northern forests and plains, use gas attacks and have fun with Skunk Simulator 3D!
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