Math Vs Zombie Tower Defense  v1.0.0

Math Vs Zombie Tower Defense
Math Vs Zombie Tower Defense
Math Vs Zombie Tower Defense
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Game description: Oh no, the Zombies are planning to destroy our civilization and to turn all of us into them. You are the last remaining soldier to stop them at all cost....

Math Vs Zombies Tower Defense Game is not just your favorite classic Tower Defense game. It is jointly designed by educators to infuse learning into this classic game genre.

In addition to strategizing, the right purchase and positioning of your weapon in each level, the player has to be constantly practicing Math operations in order to keep a constant supply of ammunition for their weapons to fire and destroy the enemies.

The player can also choose a higher order Math operation such as multiplication or division so as to earn the bullets faster.

We hope this game will bring tons of fun and laughter but most importantly, meaningful learning to the player.

At The Interactive Studio, we believe learners learn best when they enjoy what they are doing.
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