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Game description: Random Knights: Adamant Destiny is a roguelike 2D fantasy RPG you control your warriors and heroes fighting Leviathan, the dark dragon legend and its monsters army in 8bits graphics.

Millennials Epic battle with simple controls!
In every infinity game your quest is to choose your heroes and warriors to build or forge your frontier team! Your destiny is to get them ready to fight the monsters and find the legendary adamant.

- Over 130 playable classes - from the forest guardian protecting the forests, the pretentious goblin king, the harbinger of death and its cult of doom, the valkyrie and her camelot kingdom, and of course, you can also choose knight, rogue, ninja, wizard, mage, shaman, dragon and even zombie and vikings etc! Even the leviathan itself!

- Slay dragon and monsters and level up!

- Roguelike 2D! But you unlock new monsters to your bloodline so you get stronger every time you play!

- Find powerful weapons and equipment throughout the journey which helps you advance the infinity tower.

- Evolve the monsters to get stronger in your quest!

- Random tower level every time you play Random Knights: Adamant Destiny!

- Get different loot and treasure to upgrade your heroes.

- Forge your best team!

- Earn a legendary garnet called adamant to help you out in the quest!

- Infinity RPG roguelike 2D battle

- Many races, numerous monsters from western fantasies to the path of oriental trading.

- Random tower levels and warriors / bosses encounters

- Random rewarding treasures - upgrade your heroes with weapons and equipments in this roguelike!

- Pixel 2D retro graphics

- Much more classes in the coming updates soon! New heroes and warriors will be adding periodically in this RPG! Of course, they evolve also.
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